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94-2 Kärleksdocka för överkroppen utan ben Ljusbrun hud Kvinnor Storbritannien Vuxna Realistiska TPE-sexdockor för män

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SKU: 94025588
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Höjd 94cm
Byst 86cm
Midjan 53,5cm
höfter 90cm
under byst 66cm
slidan djup 17cm
analt djup 15cm
Mundjup 13cm
Nettovikt 25kg
Bruttovikt 27kg
Förpackningsstorlek: 34 * 45 * 81cm

Konfidentiellt paket

Tillbehör inuti kartongen: Filt, tyg, peruk, kam, vaginarengörare, handske, instruktion, USB-värmare, 1 st vardera.


Customer Reviews

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Attila Koncz
I did not get anything. HELP PLEASE

Hello! unfortunately, I'm still waiting for my package. On the UPS website, they say it should be here with me. I also took a photo, I'll send it. could you please help me somehow? I'm very sad. Thanks

Hello my dear friend, your order was shipped on February 6. It is free shipping method and is shipped by railway, the shipping time is about 35-45 days. About on early March, the goods will arrive in Europe to start customs clearance, after finish the customs clearance, the goods will be delivered to the local UPS, then the UPS website will start to update the tracking information, and then it will be delivered to your address in 3-5 days. We have instructions on the website: https://www.jdlover.com/pages/question-answer, you can also contact us by email:service@jdlover.com

John g Williams
From a new life long customer

Thank you very much for sending me exactly what I was hoping for wonderful job.thank you JD lover.😃

Hello my dear friend, really appreciate for your review, wish you have a happy life! ^&^