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Eine sehr schöne und hochwertige Puppe voller Details ,zu einem vernünftigen Preis. In diesen Shop kaufe ich schon länger,alles zu meiner vollsten Zufriedenheit . Ich empfehle diese Shop ,insbesondere ,die Artikel, Preis-Leistungsverhältnis,und den guten Kundenservice.

P* W*

full silicone

very pretty silicone doll.
Silicone is heavier and harder than TPE.

G* J*

Another perfect order 😄

Perfect this doll looks amazing and the removable leg's is a space saver👍

G* W*

Magnificent Doll, and very low priced given its high quality

Look. dolls are not cheap. They are also large and heavy so even the shipping is expensive. But JDLover not only have excellent quality (no seams anywhere in sight in my case, even though there are warnings in the manual and so that they would be visible), but they also have detachable legs. Which is a feature you don't commonly see even in high-end dolls.

However, I now have my doll with me, and I can confidently say that this makes storage so much easier. She goes down from 158cm, to under 80cm. Also, with everything they include, JDLover is a great shop for your first doll. They accept paypal, so you know there's guarantee that you at least get something. And hopefully me, and the other reviews on the site show you that they are the real deal.

I went for a customized version of this one, the 158 detachable. She's great, and worth the wait. But also, adding detachable legs is a customization option JDLover has, so feel free to look around for other doll kinds you may fancy more, and just customize them. Reach out to JDLover via their chat in their website, they are super helpful (in my case, I had some issues and customization didn't reflect on my first order. So they led me to make a follow up order with customizations and it all went perfectly)

Due to the my customizations, she looks waay different to the one in the pic: whiter skin, more anime/asian looking, and that's exactly what I was aiming for, so yeah. All's perfect for me


Great doll

I really like it! Very nice seller, good advice, only the delivery time is a bit long, it took 38 days after placing the order. I also like another doll, I think I will buy it again soon

J* F*


30 waiting days, but the product is worth it

A* R*

Poupée parfaite, pas de taxes, bon vendeur!

g* c*

I customized this doll according to my own ideas. It's so cool! the doll is very good, I am planning my next doll, the shop is my first choice

A* d*

Her name is Jessica

I ordered this doll in light tan, with head 158-77 and she's beautiful. I got her with standing feet and jelly breasts (I especially recommend the jelly breasts). I've had her for over a year and she's still in mint condition. VERY VERY happy with the quality AND affordability of JD dolls!



Thank you for this beautiful doll. It is always a pleasure doing business with you.

G* J*


This doll is simply beautiful! This is my second doll from JDLover and I love it. I went with the shrugging shoulders and skeletal fingers options. I recommend them both. The shoulders provide a much greater range of movement than I was expecting, making for a more comfortable experience. The skeletal fingers allow for better and easier positioning of the hands and wrists. The only suggestion I would add for an improvement would be to cap the ends of the fingers with a hard rubber or plastic, as they are a little sharp. Otherwise a perfect doll.

P* W*

the real doll is better than the photos, beyond my expectation, thank you!

M* M* Q*

Great doll

Feels very realistic! The customer service was excellent, I was satisfied with my order. I recommend this store

b* s*

Her name is Kristy

I'd been wanting this model doll for nearly a year but couldn't find a vendor that was reputable AND carried her so I emailed JDLover to see if they could get her and they were able too!

So, I have have had her for several weeks now and she is beautiful. The factory pics showcased here ARE exactly what you will get. I like that she is so soft and rather lightweight (compared to my other female doll).

I HIGHLY recommend JDLover for dolls, I've purchased two from them so far and will likely purchase more in the future.


Excellent seller, as described

Good quality

M* S*

Head #18

Just received my extra doll head (Head # 18) and she is perfect you even got the eye color right..... thank you from a happy customer 😀

J* g W*

Great item

Feels real to the touch makes sex phenomenal. An ultimate pleasuring device. Details are perfectly design for an ultimate orgasm. Very easy to clean and super easy storage. I myself would personally recommend to anyone that has an itch and cannot scratch

m* c*


Only complaint I have for doll is the sucking vagina option. With it the doll has no anal opening. Had I known that I would not have ordered that option. Otherwise the doll is about perfect if not just a little too heavy. You dont realize what 85+lbs dead weight is like till you have it.

E* T*

Looks fantastic cant wait to see how it is

It looks exciting and fun it will be a blast if it works as Im hoping it will 😁😁🥰😍

G* C*

sex doll

I love her thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️

J* A*

Perfect again

The 158 Asian Girl Tanning Skin TPE Doll Lovely Woman 158cm Small Breast Boobs Sex Doll came exactly as in the picture face and hair all correct. The best part is Ive seen her for way more than I payed shopping at JD.thanks again 👍👍👍

J* g W*

perfect doll

fast delivery, realistic, I really like it

J* Y*

Très satisfait

produit incroyable

G* b*



A* M*

From a new life long customer

Thank you very much for sending me exactly what I was hoping for wonderful job.thank you JD lover.😃

J* g W*


After 37 days of waiting, I got the doll. As the seller said, I don't need to handle customs clearance and pay vat taxes. It's really great! The doll is very beautiful

M* t*

Perfect busty doll

Already wrote a review but the doll is so good it deserves one here as well.

Can recommend 100%
Kann zu 100% nur Emofehlen die Seite und die Doll sind beide Meisterklasse.


As described

As described, great quality

m* m*

Top Quality Doll!

I've had many TPE Dolls the past 6 years including the "big name brands" (WM, YL, OR, etc.) and JDLover is right up there with them in quality and look. My doll's joints are good for posing but not too stiff. The TPE is great quality and not loose from the leg and arm skeleton like some other brands can be. A terrific value for the money. I am very impressed. Buy with confidence. You won't be disappointed.

M* B*


Excelente hermosas mujeres asiáticas

C* R*

The doll is nice and realistic! The touch feel is also very good, it is one of the best dolls I have ever bought, but the head is not hair implanted, it is wig, the pictures are hair implanted, so I give 4 points

S* M*

Too thin in some places, buttocks too small.

Too thin in some places, buttocks too small. arrived a skinned knee. Too little hands, and fragile: pierced by skeleton. The neck squeaks a lot: noisy. Misplaced holes: vagina too high, ass instead of vagina. Pros: very successful head (but I do not know how to hold the wig), very realistic mouth. Good position support of the skeleton. Very decent breasts. Very realistics holes.

P* p*

Really nice doll, at such a low price, it is a surprise!

R* F*


D* L*

I'm really sorry that I left a bad review before because I didn't see any tracking information after the purchase, the seller explained to me that the tracking information will only be available when it arrive at US, and now I received it, it's really good, I withdraw mine bad review, this is a good shop, I recommend it, the seller is very patient

B* S*


Really good! It is my second purchase now

L* R*

Worth it

Fast delivery, realistic

M* R* w*


I love her thank you so much, will definitely be using you guys again.

J* A*

Very well done

Good customer service, good price range,etc


Hi thanks for e.mail about silicon penis insert product.good quality is convenient price .thanks

s* r*

Beatiful Doll

The doll looks really gorgeus, the proportions of it are simply perfect.

The doll was packaged really carefully and was well cushioned from all sides, with foam shapes and small air bags.

I really appreciate the clear plastic face protector that was also included.

I'm very satisfied with my purchase and I could recommend this doll and also this store to everyone.

Thank You for your great work, I'm really grateful!

K* C* M*


great quality, low price, I am satisfied

D* B*


Perfect! this doll is really beautiful, it feels so good to hold her naked, lol

S* p*

The doll is fine

The doll is fine, the shipping time is long, I'm in Canada and wait 60 days with sea shipping, but for such a perfect doll it was worth the wait.

T* T*

Very good

This doll is amazing and I recommend anyone to get it. She is cute and great touch

V* M*


Well made and good touch doll

C* K*

perfect all

J* M*

Perfect doll, fast delivery

S* K*

Zufrieden mit der Bestellung

M* I*

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