User Manual of 5-point touch pronunciation

User Manual of 5-point touch pronunciation sex dolls


1, Button: Long press on/off:; Short press to turn on and off the dialogue function; quickly double-click to switch between Chinese and English. The next time you turn on the it, it will default to the last selected language palace. 

2, Chinese dialogue instructions (omitted) 

3. English dialogue instructions

1. Where do you come from         2 May I have your name

3. How old are you                      4. You are so beautiful

5. What do you like best              6. What would you like to eat

7. What do your parents do          8. I'm in a bad mood

9. Am l handsome man                10. Do you love me

11. I miss you so much                12. Let me hug you

13. you got big boob                   14. Let's go for a fuck

15. Do l have a big cock              16. Do you want a condom

17. Higher voice                         18. Lower voice

19. see you again 

[Note] The dialogue needs to be carried out when the speaker is not sounding. Plug in the earphone to talk while the earphone is sounding. Try to talk in a quiet time. 

4, Automatic sleep function

If there is no touch or no one to speak for 2 minutes, it indicates that it is going to sleep. After half a minute, there is still no one to speak to play the shutdown language. 

5. Low voltage & smart charging

Flashes when there is no power, there are voice prompts; flashes when charging, and always lights when fully charged. If it is not used for a long time, it is recommended to charge it every three months.

6, volume adjustment

Says "higher voice" lower voice to the movement 

7, Vagina, legs, chest induction

There is 1 contact in the vagina, which can sense the pumping frequency and make different wheezing sounds for different pumping frequencies; there are two contact points in the chest and legs respectively, no frequency detection; when the genital induction is triggered, the chest and legs will feel Pause for 3 seconds.


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