Daily Care Instructions for TPE Sex Doll

Daily Care Instructions for TPE Sex Dolls

Product Name: Entity Sex Dolls, TPE Mannequin.

Product Usage: Adult Product, Collection, Photography, Clothes Mannequin, Media Publicity, Medical Teaching Mannequin.

Main Materials: TPE, White Oil, Industrial Flavor, Stainless Steel Frame, Metallic Screws, Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Inner Tank.

This factory is a large-scale enterprise specializing in TPE entity dolls, an enterprise well equipped with the R&D, manufacturing and mature assembly lines and passionate and professional pre-sales and after-sales service team.

The dimensions of the relevant products are shown as follows (multiple types of heads are optional)

65cm flat chest dolls

65cm medium breast dolls

65cm big breast dolls

100cm flat chest dolls

100cm medium breast dolls

100cm big breast dolls

105cm small breast

105cm medium breast dolls

105cm big breast dolls

100cm papaya breast

110cm huge breast dolls

122cm flat chest dolls

125cm flat chest dolls

125cm medium breast dolls

125cm big breast dolls

130cm flat chest dolls

135cm medium breast dolls

138cm huge breast doll

140cm flat chest dolls

140cm medium breast dolls

140cm big breast dolls

148cm flat chest dolls

148cm medium breast dolls

148cm big breast dolls

150cm muscle dolls

153cm huge breast dolls

158cm big hip dolls

158cm small breast

158cm medium breast dolls

158cm big breast dolls

158cm thin waist dolls

158cm papaya breast dolls

158cm pregnant doll

159cm chubby doll

160cm medium breast doll

160cm big breast dolls

162cm big hip doll

163cm chubby doll

163cm muscle dolls

165cm small breast

165cm medium breast doll

165cm big breast doll

165cm small chubby

165cm big chubby doll

166cm medium breast

169cm huge breast

170cm small breast dolls

170cm medium breast

170cm big breast doll

171cm big hip doll

176cm small breast

Half body sex doll

140cm-180cm male dolls

Shemale sex dolls


Dimensions instructions:

There may be an error of 1-3cm resulting from different measuring means. They are within the common scope.


In the purchase of this product, please ask for repairing video and installation video, as well as the frame activity scope video from the service personnel of the manufacturer. 

Product Structure

Oral Channel

Shoulder Joint

Elbow Joint

Wrist Joint


Knee Joint

Ankle Joint

Head Inner Tank

Neck Nozzle

Neck could move backward and upward

Hip Joint

Water-proof Ball

Virgina Access


Functions: Dolls with the height of 65cm only have vagina sex function, and the height of 100cm and above have the functions of three sex(vagina sex, anus sex and oral sex). Please apply lubricant before use. It is recommended to use dolls with condoms.


The intelligent vocalization doll vocalizes when pressured. The vocalization button is located on the back of the horn on the back. Take out the horn, press the button, and when the green light blinks for 10 seconds, the two breasts will vocalize when being pressured, and no vocalization will generate when there is no pressure. The pressure-sensor will vocalized with the changes of the pressure. It may make voices itself if the master switch is on. Therefore, it is suggested to turn off the master switch after use. 

5-point touch pronunciation doll, please refer to the “User manual of 5-point touch pronunciation”. 

Heated Doll

The heated doll heats with the 220V AC heating wire, and the heating principle is heating wire heating. The master switch is set with temperature adjustment button and the time adjustment button. As this factory is a factory specializing in software model production but not the electrical parts, all the electrical parts are supplied by the suppliers. To prevent the undesirable consequences because of the malfunction of the temperature control system, the heating process of the heated doll should be under the supervision of adult with normal intelligence quotient. The heating time is about one hour (the specific time shall be subject to the different seasons and different regions). Please unplug the power supply when the temperature is enough.

Note: Make sure to unplug the power supply in use!!! The heating process must be supervised all the time!!!! This factory will take no responsibilities for any consequences resulted if the user doesn’t follow the instructions. 

Cleaning and Maintenance 

Cleaning Method for the Regular Version: For the regular non-intelligent doll, the bathing should be in the clean water with a temperature of below 40℃. The shower gel, soap, washing powder and the detergent could all be used to make the cleaning. When it comes to the stubborn stains, please wipe it with the cleansing oil or ask for white oil from the manufacturer.

 Cleaning Notices: 

No water shall enter the nozzle in the neck, otherwise rust may occur. And the use and beauty will be affected. The virgina and anus could be cleansed repeatedly with the one-time cleansing tool provided by the manufacturer. Do not put the doll’s virgina under the running water for cleansing. As there is water-proof ball in the deep virgina, which is glued to the screw, the over-cleansing may result in the falling of it. If it falls, blow the virgina dry with a blower and adhere it into the virgina again.

 Cleaning Method for the Intelligent Vocalization Doll: Do not wash the joint between the vocalization device and the heating wire in cleansing to prevent water entering the circuit board. 

Maintenance: The doll should be bathed every 10 to 20 days. Apply the body powder after the bath, to prevent it from breaching because of the oil. Pressing marks may leave on the doll if one side is pressed for long time, and it may recover few days after placing the pressed side upward.      


 Do not bend its arms and legs for a long time, or place it in sitting posture or other postures not set when it exits the factory. And for the non-standing version, do not place it in the standing posture. Do not bend its legs to 180°(that is, the line position). Do not put its arms upward. The standing for the non-standing version will get the frame of the feet to penetrate into the skin and exposed outside. Please put it in the appropriate posture when it exits the factory as soon as possible. It could be dyed easily because of the specialized materials. Therefore, do not dress it with deep-colored clothes. The staining cream could only treat the mild dyeing, and the large-scale dyeing cannot be totally eliminated easily. Do not pull water into the virgina. Do not wash its face in a large scale, and you could use the cotton stick with cleansing oil to rinse the face slowly when there is stain on the face. Do not contact knives or other sharp articles with its skin, otherwise scratch may happen. As the materials composing it are flammable, do not put it into faire, and shall keep it away from fire. Do not disinfect or cleanse it with the irritant fluid as 84 disinfectant or alcohol. The people who are easily allergic should accept the tests of the materials, body powder and cosmetics before use. Those who are allergic to this material should not buy or use it. It is suggested that the user could ask for a piece of material from the manufacture for test before buying it, and may buy it after making sure that you are not allergic to this material. Do not store it in the standing posture. If the eyes look different, you use adjust the eyeballs with hands (pushing-in will make the eyes look smaller and drawing-outward will make the eyes look bigger). It’s better choose the wigs with white interior nets when the user needs wigs for the doll.

Repairing Method:

When breach happens, the user may wash the breach part, blow it with a blower, then take a little glue with toothpick and apply the glue into the breach. As the glue has mild corrosion effects on the material, an over application of it would make it worse. If the corrosion or the serious damages happen, please contact with the manufacturer for repairing. (Contact with the manufacturer for teaching video before the repairing).

After-sales Commitment Scope

Given the particularity of this product, make sure to check carefully when receiving the product, and no goods return is accepted for a product sold. But for the quality problems happened after the delivery, the manufacturer will assist with the maintenance. The warranty period of this product is one year. For the damages happened within this one year, the manufacturer could repair them for free, with the freight shouldered by the client. No matter for what reasons, we do not accept the goods return once it is sold. It is regarded as having used for the product bought for more than one night. Please contact with the service personnel of the manufacturer if there are special reasons. The manufacturer will not shoulder any responsibilities for the failure to repair because of the over use of this product. The materials fracture because of inappropriate use of it or the normal wearing are not quality issues. Whether the product fits the wills of the purchaser is neither the quality issues. Please consult for the designing principles, structure, compositions and the materials’ properties before buying it, and it would be regarded as having known it if no consultation is made. The TPE product has a certain smell, which would disappear with time. The users who care the smell too much please buy it with care. The smell issue is not an issue of quality. It is suggested that the buyer could purchase a piece of material first before buying this product. The intelligent doll (the vocalization heated version) is not a robot. It is not equipped with other functions except for the simple vocalization and heating functions. Whether the voice is perfect is not an issue of quality. As for whether the heating principle of the heating doll fits the concepts of the consumers, please consult it with care before purchase. The quality performance of the heating wire and the heating button is not a quality issue of the product itself. This product is composed of two pieces of molds. Even though the processing of the joint line is almost perfect, it is still can be observed with a close look. It is an issue of manufacturing process, but not an issue of quality.


Given the particularity of the adult’s product, it is forbidden to be used b the person under the age of 18. Please keep it with care after purchase. Please keep it out of the reach of children. This factory will take no responsibility for the consequences resulted from children getting touch with it because of the inappropriate keep of it. Do not make the nudity exposition in public spaces, otherwise all the consequences resulted should be shouldered by the user himself. This product is private product, and this factory will shoulder no responsibilities for the diseases transmission because of interpersonal sales or transfer.

The heads and bodies of all the products of this factory are made out of the imagination of our engravers, and no imitations are made from any person, therefore it doesn’t involve the rights infringement to anyone, and it is totally coincidence if there is similarity to any specific person. When it is not useful, please contact with the manufacturer for harmless destruction. Do no abandon it in public places or the trash can. 

Note: The users who are allergic to this product please use it with caution!!!


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